Sunday, 23 November 2014

What do Quilters Really Want for Christmas?

Now, you might want to leave this page open on your tablet for any other significant pressie buyers to 'stumble across' over the next few weeks............

It's inevitable that we all receive a few bum pressies every now and then? A family member who just get's its wrong despite the best intentions? Somehow when you are a crafter and have a hobby you find this all the more inexplicable because;  'I'm so easy to buy for' we wail. Except if you look into another's hobby it's a complex vortex of present buying anxiety......'What are all the things for? What do they already have?' It's hard to buy a good pressie.

We've been helping lots of worried present buyers this week. To help out this is my definitive list of what all quilters always want to find under the Christmas tree!

1. Fabric. Always fabric. If in doubt buy a bundle. A perfectly coordinated bundle of fabric fat quarters will always be gratefully received. Either choose by colour (every quilter has a running 'my stash is short of...' mental list) or pick a well chosen pile of 'New In' fabrics. We all love to show off our latest stash additions!

2. Rulers. Rulers are expensive. They're harder to justify for ourselves, but if someone buys them for you...yay! 12.5inch square is a popular gift -so useful! So are smaller rulers, the 6.5" square or the 2.5" by 12.5" are also really popular stocking fillers.

3. Posh scissors. Like rulers they are a luxury buy for ourselves but a pair as a pressie are a sure fire winner. Think dressmaking shears and pinking shears for maximum 'darling you shouldn't have' effect! Or go for the little golden stork heirloom embroidery scissor as a stocking filler.

4. Clover Wonderclips. You can never have too many! They are so useful for everything. You always wish you had a few more. Buy the jumbo pack for a very happy present day!

5. Bag Handles/Lampshade Kit etc. Buying someone the constituent parts for a make is unsaid permission for them to shop for the fabric for it too! yay! Permission to craft!

6. Wooden quilting hoop. OK so even if maybe you aren't a regular hand quilter, owning a perfectly polished beechwood hoop is one of lifes tactile pleasures. Hell, it looks lovely in your sewing room/corner too and wraps up a treat. Who doesn't love an interesting shaped pressie?!

7. Colourful gadgets. Magnetic pin cushions are always a winner. New in;  funky wrist pin cushions, my daughter is desperate for a pink one!

8. Vouchers! You can't beat a fabric store voucher for feel good pressie joy. You're basically just saying 'Go to the store and get whatever you fancy'......hip hip hooray. Guilt free shopping

I hope you all get what you want for Christmas! Send them our way, and our elves will help you out xx

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Shopped Out

Photo:'ve shopped us all empty! A huge thank you to everyone who came and shopped at any of the three shops in our Hop this weekend it's been so, so busy and we've loved every minute. Sally, Judy and Claire and I had a fab time meeting so many lovely new people and just chatting...and was a joy.

Lot's of you completed the full hop and posted your cards in the £150 draw box. We'll be drawing a winner on Monday when we get all the cards from the 3 shops together and we will notify the lucky winner and then announce the winner on facebook and the website. Fingers crossed!!!'ve shopped us all empty! A huge thank you to everyone who came and shopped at any of the three shops in our Hop this weekend it's been so, so busy and we've loved every minute. Sally, Judy and Claire and I had a fab time meeting so many lovely new people and just chatting...and was a joy.

Lot's of you completed the full hop and posted your cards in the £150 draw box. We'll be drawing a winner on Monday when we get all the cards from the 3 shops together and we will notify the lucky winner and then announce the winner on facebook and the website. Fingers crossed!

Friday, 21 November 2014

Shop Hop Sale Continues Tomorrow......

Wow ladies - we've had such a lovely first Shop Hop day, my cheeks hurt from smiling and chatting so much, thank you all for coming out in the rain and being so lovely and encouraging.

Remember that even if you aren't 'hopping' between shops you can visit and shop our 2 day Massive Shop Hop Sale. Those wicker baskets are still full of some lovely bargain fabric even after the mauling they've taken today!

We're open tomorrow from 9.30am - 4pm, do pop in x

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Shop Hop Sale This Weekend!

Come and visit PlainStitch, Sew Patchwork and Sally's Sewing Box this weekend for fun, freebies and special offers.
What is a Shop Hop?

Visit all three of our lovely sewing, patchwork and haberdashery shops over the two days and be entered for our £150.00 prize draw.

Deb @ PlainStitch - 8 High St ( entrance in Back Street), Wendover

Sally @ Sally's Sewing Box - Market Sq, Princes Risborough

Judy @ Sew Patchwork - Swan Walk, Thame

There is no minimum spend to quality for a sticker on your entry card. At your last shop fill in your details on the card and drop it in the prize draw box.

If you can't fit in a whole 3 stop  'hop' pop into any of the shops this weekend for special sale offers and other fun goodies, open to all shoppers.

The kettle will be on at PlainStitch and our very enticing wicker baskets of sale Bolt Ends ( 2.5m pieces and below), 1/2m and Fat Quarter and Eighth Bundles will be brimming with lovely goodies. So if you want to build your stash or squirrel away some nice big bargain bits for quilt backs or dressmaking then pop in and get a bargain at £8/m.

Before planning your journey do note that at PlainStitch we're mums of little ones so we open school hours on Friday 9.30am - 3pm but we're open extended hours on Saturday 10am - 4pm for the Hop. Sally and Judy will be open as per their usual scheduled hours.

You can find us in Back Street Wendover, directly behind Christopher Pallet Estate Agents on the High Street ( Opposite the Red Lion). We have a shiny blue front door in a little brick courtyard - just ring the doorbell and we look forward to seeing you then, Debs and Claire x

p.s  Just remember 'First Up, Best Dressed' as my dear old Nan used to say!!
 If the little sale 'preview' that went on at Therapy Thursday today is anything to go by you want to be in early if you want anything left in those wicker sale baskets! Fab fun day ladies! xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Farmers Wife Quilt Work In Progress & Shop Hop Preparations!

Yesterday was our monthly Farmers Wife Quilt Class. I really really love this class. It's all that real, honest, old fashioned patchwork is all about.
Challenging little blocks.
Templates and  1/4 inch rules.
Patience and perseverance.
The journey not the destination.
I do love quick sewing, but my heart is firmly in old school patchwork.

What is fabulous about this class is that whilst the methods and techniques are hundreds of years old, the fabrics and interpretations of the patterns are fantastically modern. This post is just an explosion of full on colour. I love it!

We're working really hard behind the scenes to prepare for the Shop Hop on Friday and Saturday. We've been unrolling skinny bolts ( 2.5m or less left on the bolt) and bundling up these big pieces at £8/m into a rather fabulous wicker basket of fabric bargain beauty! Our Therapy Wednesday and tomorrows Therapy Thursday crowd are getting a sneak preview as we bustle about with towering piles of bolts in transit!

We will be opening up the sale baskets of fabric at 9.30am sharp on Friday (we'll be open for extended hours for the Shop Hop from 9.30am - 3pm on Friday and 10am - 4pm on Saturday). Get in early for a bargain!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Rainy Rainbow Cathedral Windows

I've been cracking on with my homework for Cathedral windows class. I took advantage of our Spotty Saturday for Children in Need and stocked upon spots as did so many of you! Thank you! Together we raised £50 for Children in Need. I have my spotty background made and ready to go and have now chosen my windows - eeek! I'm so excited about it - I don't think I can wait another week til the next class so I have started cutting out super sized window backgrounds for an experimental Maxi - Cathedral Cotton+ Steel wall hanging spectacular! Yay, I'm  mad for Cathedral windows at the moment!

The rain was torrential on the school run this morning. It was not a good Monday start but I was buoyed up by the Happy Thought that I had a lampshades class to teach!

I love teaching lampshades, we've been running this class for 4 terms now and I've made countless lampshades over the years. I learnt to make lampshades originally with a super talented professional lampshade maker which was an invaluable source of tips to get a truly polished finish. Although these days lampshade classes can be the preserve of hen parties and the like, at PlainStitch we really make something that money can't buy. A truly bespoke, original and professionally finished shade. Look at these amazing shades that were made today - the sun was shining in The Workroom even as the rain fell outside! 

(ps if you are heading for the John Hampden School, Wendover Christmas Fair on the 29th Nov, buy a raffle ticket if you'd like to win the Galloping Ponies Lampshade which we have donated to their fundraising)

It's going to be a busy week as we gear up for our Shop Hop this Fri 21st and Sat 22nd Nov. Visit all 3 shops ( Wendover, Princes Risborough and Thame) to be in with a chance of winning the £150 basket of goodies.

 Even if you can't Hop, do pop in as you can still take advantage of our special offer spectacular for the weekend . We have purged the shop of skinny bolts in anticipation of a ma-husive Skinny Bolt Sale at the ShopHop. We turn our fabric styles really quickly at The Workroom and lots of things sell out in a matter of weeks so our skinny bolts are often really up to date lines so do pop in and get a bargain piece. We have pieces ranging from 1/2m up to 3m pieces perfect for quilt backing and at £8/m it's worth stashing some big pieces for another rainy day! The sale will include Emmy Grace, Heather Bailey, and lots lots more.

We're also offering all our popular 1/8th bundles for £5 each which is right in the 'stocking filler' zone, in fact they'd look lovely just hanging colourfully in your tree as they are! Quilters Christmas dream!

Lastly, just because we love to cram in the Sewing Fun - this week we also have our Evening Bee on Tuesday night - again we will be in The Workroom 8pm - 10pm keeping cosy in the dark evenings. Drop us an e mail to let us know you're coming along.

Also anyone wanting to get ahead or finished on their latest project before the Christmas rush, check out our expanded Therapy Thursday dates - we are open for sewing on Wed 19th and Thurs 20th this week and Dec 11th and 18th. All dates are very busy so do book a space by sending me an e mail.

Keep Dry and Sew On this Winter !

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Finished Norway Quilt for My Boy

This weekend I've been binding my Norway Quilt for my boy. This quilt was so much fun to make. The pattern is by Bonnie and Camille Thimbleblossom Quilts and can be bought as a pdf instant download - instant quilting gratification!

This quilt is made up from completely 2.5 inch strips so it's quick and easy to cut, cut, cut with your rotary cutter then you're ready to sew.

I choose 9 colours, plus a background ( Kona Silver) and a neutral for the centre crosses ( a Tilda slade blue pattern). It'soften really hard to choose fabrics for boys, especially when they get past the 'diggers and pirates' age for fabric designs. We went for mustards, browns, pine green and cherry red all against the slatey grey and blues. I'm really happy with how it turned out and my Boy says he loves it so that's what matters!

I decided to get this quilt long armed quilted for extra durability. It's going to have a robust life - it went on muddy photo shoot up to the barn, in the barn, hanging out of the barn etc this morning with Boy. Of course Dog had to get in on the act too. It came home crumpled, damp, hay stuck to it. This quilt will definitely live a full life!

I went for a stars pattern, which sits almost perfectly in the centre of each grey open area. It's quilted in a pale grey King Tut thread. Jenny really pulled the stops out and finished this up in a week for me - and I know just how busy she is at the moment with all the PlainStitch ladies finishes coming her way each week!

 The binding was a scrappy selection of 2.5inch strips that were left over from the piecing - the perfect no waste pattern!

Finally a gratuitous doggie pic of Boy's best friend - wuv you Puppers x